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Monday, July 25, 2016

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Pro-Abortion Tim Kaine Is No ‘Pope Francis Catholic’

Alex Wong/Getty Images, Reuby THOMAS D. WILLIAMS, PH.D.
Hillary Clinton may have made a fatal strategic miscalculation in naming pro-abortion U.S. Sen. Tim Kaine as her running mate by sealing faithful, pro-life Catholics’ opposition to her ticket.
The Washington Post rushed to paint Kaine as a “Pope Francis Catholic,” suggesting that the Senator’s mastery of Spanish and pro-immigration stance somehow outweigh the fact that he supports legal abortion-on-demand, which Catholics understand to be the murder of an innocent human child.
In her bid to draw Catholics, Clinton crystallized her radical pro-abortion and pro-Planned Parenthood platform, confirming Catholics’ fears that their deepest-held moral beliefs would receive no hearing from the 2016 Democratic ticket.
Despite his lip service to being “personally opposed” to abortion, Kaine has faithfully toed the party line, consistently voting in favor of abortion rights on the Senate floor, a record that has won him a 100% approval rating from Planned Parenthood, America’s largest abortion provider. Kaine has declared himself to be a “strong supporter of Roe v. Wade,” the 1973 Supreme Court ruling that made abortion-on-demand the law of the land.
Planned Parenthood has blasted Pope Francis for his staunch pro-life message, accusing the Pope of hampering “women’s health” and taking “a back seat when it comes to reproductive health and women’s rights.”
Francis has indeed been a vocal opponent of the pro-abortion lobby, which he has compared to the Italian Mafia. He has also decried the lie “that supporting abortion somehow helps women,” calling it a “false compassion.”
In the course of his three-year pontificate, the Pope has driven home a pro-life message in address after address, calling abortion a “scourge” on society and insisting that “a just society recognizes the primacy of the right to life from conception to natural death.”
Building a common home for all men and women, Francis told the United Nations General Assembly last fall, means building on “the foundations of a right understanding of universal fraternity and respect for the sacredness of every human life,” which includes “the unborn.”
This “respect for the sacredness of every human life,” of every man and every woman, means defending “those considered disposable,” the Pope said.
In a press conference in February, Pope Francis said that abortion is “a crime” and an “absolute evil” not just because of religious objections, but because it is “evil in and of itself.”
In political terms, abortion holds a special place for Catholics as “intrinsically evil,” with no wiggle room.
Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger—the future Pope Benedict XVI—stated in 2004 that a faithful Catholic could disagree with the Pope regarding the application of capital punishment, since it does not represent a moral absolute, but could not disagree on the question of abortion.
“There may be a legitimate diversity of opinion even among Catholics about waging war and applying the death penalty,” he said, whereas this is not true “with regard to abortion and euthanasia,” which are moral absolutes, Ratzinger said.
Just how a pro-abortion “Catholic” senator can somehow be mistaken for a “Pope Francis Catholic” is a mystery that has yet to be revealed.

Tim Kaine: ‘F’ Rating From NRA, Opposed Letting Virginians Have Gun In Car For Self-Defense
AP Photo/Mary Altaffer

Hillary Clinton’s likely running mate, Sen. Tim Kaine, received an “F” from the NRA in 2012 and, as Governor of Virginia, vetoed a bill that would have allowed Virginians to keep a gun in their cars for self-defense

Once Clinton made her VP decision public, Think Progress quickly pointed out that Kaine is “pro-gun control” and lauded both his “F” rating and his efforts to prevent Virginians from keep guns with them for self-defense.
Think Progress also cheered legislation Kaine introduced as Senator, which would have placed new restrictions and liabilities on Federal Firearms License holders (FFLs)–even to the point of holding FFLs liable for the misuse of guns sold to purchasers who pass an FBI background check. Breitbart News reported that Kaine put forth this legislation in September 2015, two weeks after Vester Lee Flanagan passed an FBI background check then used his gun to kill reporter Alison Parker on-air.
In other words, Kaine’s bill would hold FFLs liable for the misuse of products legally sold to FBI-approved customers.
Hillary Clinton has been vocal in pushing to allow crime victims to sue gun sellers and manufacturers over illegal gun use, even in situations where the guns were legally sold.
She is campaigning on a repeal the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (PLCCA). That act protects FFLs and gun manufactures from frivolous suits brought in situations where the gun was manufactured legally and sold legally.
AWR Hawkins is the Second Amendment columnist for Breitbart News and political analyst for Armed American Radio. Follow him on Twitter: @AWRHawkins. Reach him directly at


Kaine wields influence as financial support flows from Muslim Brotherhood

KaineSen. Tim Kaine of Virginia
Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s newly-announced running mate, Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine, has been portrayed as a safe pick, a “pristine” candidate with a history of missionary work in Central America, a fluent Spanish-speaker and a moderate by Democrat standards.
But a new report out by a national-security expert suggests maybe Kaine’s record isn’t so clean after all.
He has a history of embracing Islamists, writes Ryan Mauro in an article for the Clarion Project.
“He appointed a Hamas supporter to a state immigration commission; spoke at a dinner honoring a Muslim Brotherhood terror suspect and received donations from well-known Islamist groups,” says Mauro, a fellow with the Clarion Project and an adjunct professor of homeland security at Liberty University in Virginia.
Appointing Muslim leader who supports Hamas
In 2007, when Kaine was governor of Virginia, he appointed Muslim American Society President Esam Omeish to the state’s Immigration Commission. The MAS is an offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood, as documented in a 2008 court filing in Dallas, Texas, during the Holy Land Foundation trial. The foundation was a conduit for sending money to Hamas, a Palestinian terror group dedicated to the destruction of the state of Israel.
In contrast to Mauro’s hard-hitting exposé, Clinton’s pick for vice president is getting the “kid-glove treatment” by the mainstream media, according to a Fox News report.
“The media are giving their official blessing to Hillary Clinton’s choice of Tim Kaine, praising him as a calm, experienced and slightly dull guy who can help her govern,” writes Howard Kurz for Fox.
“What they are not doing is picking the Virginia senator apart, and highlighting his disagreements with the nominee, which marked the coverage of Donald Trump’s selection of Mike Pence.”
Another, more moderate Muslim organization that opposes the extremist Brotherhood’s hardline Islamist agenda came out against the appointment saying it showed a reckless lack of vetting.
A Chicago Tribune investigation in 2004 also exposed the MAS as a Brotherhood front, as well as MAS’ crafty use of deceptive semantics to appear moderate, Mauro reported.
Convicted terrorist and admitted U.S. Muslim Brotherhood member Abdurrahman Alamoudi testified in 2012, “Everyone knows that MAS is the Muslim Brotherhood.”
According to Omeish’s website, he was also president of the National Muslim Students Association, another Brotherhood offshoot, and served for two years on the national board of yet another Brotherhood organization, the Islamic Society of North America or ISNA.
“His website says he was the vice president of Dar al-Hijrah Islamic Center, a radical mosque known for its history of terror ties, including having future Al-Qaeda operative Anwar Al-Awlaki as its imam and being frequented by two of the 9/11 hijackers and Nidal Hasan, the perpetrator of the Fort Hood shooting. Omeish’s website says he remains a board member,” Mauro writes.
Omeish’s website also says he was chairman of the board of Islamic American University, which had Hamas financier and Muslim Brotherhood spiritual leader Yousef Al-Qaradawi chairman of its board until at least 2006, Mauro reports.
Omeish was also chairman of the board for the Islamic Center of Passaic County, a New Jersey mosque with heavy terrorist ties and an imam that the Department of Homeland Security wants to deport for having links to Hamas.
Omeish directly expressed extremism before Kaine appointed him. He claimed the Brotherhood is “moderate” and admitted he and MAS are influenced by the Islamist movement. Islamism is the philosophy of political Islam, teaching the Shariah concept that Islam is to rule over all areas of society and is not separated from the reins of government power.
In 2004, Omeish praised the Hamas spiritual leader as “our beloved Sheikh Ahmed Yassin.”
Videotape from 2000 also surfaced where Omeish pledged to help Palestinians who understand “the jihad way is the way to liberate your land,” later denying this was an endorsement of violence.
When a state delegate wrote a letter to then-Governor Kaine warning him that the MAS has “questionable origins,” a Kaine spokesperson said the charge was bigotry.
“Kaine obviously failed to do any kind of basic background checking in Omeish,” Mauro writes.
Omeish resigned under heavy pressure, and Kaine acknowledged that his statements “concerned” him.
“But, apparently, they didn’t concern him enough to actually learn about the Muslim Brotherhood network in his state and to take greater precautions in the future,” concludes Mauro.
And the Islamist ties don’t stop there.
Kaine speaks at Islamist event
In September 2011, Kaine spoke at a “Candidates Night” dinner organized by the New Dominion PAC that presented a Lifetime Achievement Award for Jamal Barzinji, who the Global Muslim Brotherhood Watch describes as a “founding father of the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood.”
He first came on to the FBI’s radar in 1987-1988 when an informant inside the Brotherhood identified Barzinji and his associated groups as being part of a network of Brotherhood fronts to “institute the Islamic Revolution in the United States.” The source said Barzinji and his colleagues were “organizing political support which involves influencing both public opinion in the United States as well as the United States Government” using “political action front groups with no traceable ties.”
Barzinji had his home searched as part of a terrorism investigation in 2003. U.S. Customs Service Senior Special Agent David Kane said in a sworn affidavit that Barzinji and the network of entities he led were investigated because he “is not only closely associated with PIJ [Palestinian Islamic Jihad]…but also with Hamas.” Counter-terrorism reporter Patrick Poole broke the story that Barzinji was nearly prosecuted but the Obama Justice Department dropped plans for indictment.
Barzinji played a major role in nearly every Brotherhood front in the U.S. and was vice president of the International Institute of Islamic Thought  or IIIT, which also came under terrorism investigation, according to Mauro’s documented research.
The indictment of Al-Arian and his colleagues says they “would and did seek to obtain support from influential individuals in the United States under the guise of promoting and protecting Arab rights.”
Islamist financial support
Barzinji’s organization, IIIT, donated $10,000 in 2011 to the New Dominion PAC, the organization that held the event honoring Barzinji that Kaine spoke at. The Barzinji-tied New Dominion PAC donated $43,050 to Kaine’s gubernatorial campaign between 2003 and 2005.
That figure doesn’t even include other political recipients that assisted Kaine’s campaign.
The PAC has very strong ties to the Democratic Party in Virginia, according to Mauro, with the Virginia Public Access Project tallying almost $257,000 in donations. This may explain why Barzinji’s grandson served in Gov. Terry McAuliffe’s administration and then became the Obama Administration’s liaison to the Muslim-American community.
The Middle East Forum’s Islamist Money in Politics database shows another $4,300 donated to Kaine’s Senate campaign in 2011-2012 by officials from U.S. Muslim Brotherhood entities ISNA and the Council on American-Islamic Relations or CAIR, Mauro reports. Another $3,500 came from Hisham Al-Talib, a leader from Barzinji’s IIIT.
Barzinji’s IIIT donated $3,500 to Esam Omeish’s 2009 campaign delegate campaign, tying together the cadre of Muslim Brotherhood-linked leaders who got into Kaine’s orbit.
“Kaine has no excuse,” Mauro concluded. “If he has an Internet connection, then he and his staff should have known about their backgrounds. They were either extremely careless (something Kaine would have in common with the top of the ticket) or knew and looked the other way in the hopes of earning donations and votes.
“Clinton’s choice of Kaine is widely seen as a way of strengthening her campaign’s national security credentials. Yet, Clinton is asking us to trust a candidate on national security who appoints a Hamas supporter to an immigration commission and speaks at a dinner honoring a Muslim Brotherhood terror suspect.”



Eight years ago we were told it was time to put a black man in the White House.  According to the Speech Police, that wasn’t racist.  
But if someone was to say this year it was time to “Make the White House White Again,” that would be racist.
Some black folks just don’t seem to understand that white folks who are NOT racists nevertheless see such hypocrisy and object to it.
Meanwhile, Republican U.S. Sen. Tim Scott, who is black, said recently that “in the course of one year, I’ve been stopped seven times by law enforcement officers.”  He says he was targeted for being black.
But was he?
Was he targeted simply because he was black?  Or was he targeted because so many black males before him have disproportionately committed so many crimes that all black males are now given additional scrutiny?
When Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors is on the court, he draws all kinds of additional attention because of his track record of hitting three-pointers.  Often, he’s double-teamed.  
In basketball, that’s called common-sense defense.  
In inner city law enforcement it’s derided as “profiling.”
The fault for innocent black males drawing additional law enforcement attention are the bad black males who commit violent crimes.  As such, every other black male suffers the consequences of the bad guys’ actions.
If innocent black males wish to stop being targeted by law enforcement, maybe they should focus their attention on telling other black males to stop breaking the law instead of telling police officers to stop protecting us from criminal black males.
Or as Hillary Clinton calls them, "super predators."
Dr. Chuck Muth, PsD
Professor of Psephology (homeschooled)
Publisher / Irritator-in-Chief
P.S.  By the way, I’m betting the poll numbers for the Gary Johnson/Bill WeldLibertarian ticket have already reached their zenith.  And at their height, the numbers never came close to the 15 percent necessary to be invited to participate in the general election debates.  For better or worse, that’s the reality.

Is it Hypocrisy or Ignorance that Drives Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse?

Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse, D-R.I., presides over a subcommittee hearing Dec. 9, 2014.

Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) is one of the most vocal climate alarmists in Congress.

Each week, he delivers a “Time to Wake Up” speech on the Senate floor that rails against man-made global warming. And he repeatedly urges America to “move away from fossil fuels and transition to clean, renewable energy.”
Whitehouse’s Rhode Island constituents are currently benefiting from these same fossil fuels. In recent Facebook posts, Whitehouse has been quick to celebrate the shipping, construction, and manufacturing projects that are now bringing good-paying jobs to Rhode Island. It appears, however, that Whitehouse either doesn’t recognize, or willfully disregards, the obvious linkage between fossil fuels and these industrial achievements.
Whitehouse has been adamant that carbon dioxide is “pollution.” It’s the reason he wants to legislate fossil fuels out of existence. As such, he’s a strong supporter of President Obama’s “Clean Power Plan” (CPP)—which aims to rapidly shut down coal-fired power in America. If not for a Supreme Court stay of the CPP, Rhode Island might already be feeling the strain of a plan that will likely sap much of America’s industrial strength.
On the subject of coal-fired power, it’s noteworthy that the United States has long since shifted to clean coal, which means the nation’s coal-fired power plants are able to scrub emissions of sulfur dioxide, nitrous oxide, mercury, acid gases, and particulate matter. The result is safe, affordable, reliable power generation for much of the country’s schools, hospitals, elevators, street lights, factories, water treatment systems, and sewage plants.
And it’s this hefty electric power that continues to drive America’s industrial states. Indiana, for example, which is home to a sizable portion of American manufacturing, relies on coal for 87 percent of its power. Ohio, another industrial heavyweight, draws 70 percent of its electricity from coal. In Michigan, it’s 55 percent. In Wisconsin, it’s 63 percent. In Iowa, it’s 58 percent. And so on.
Whitehouse is, of course, grievously concerned that these modern-day coal plants still send carbon dioxide up the smokestack, which makes them a dire existential threat. Thus, they should be shut down as quickly as President Obama’s Clean Power Plan can mandate. But calling for the dismantlement of coal-fired plants, along with the elimination of fossil fuel power, is the same as advocating for the end of manufacturing self-sufficiency.
Thus the obvious contradiction when Senator Whitehouse repeatedly touts the latest industrial accomplishments of his home state. A quick study of his Facebook page reveals:
  • A July 18 post heralding the “massive transport ship, the Iris Leader,” which can now travel through the newly expanded Panama Canal—“presenting an opportunity to continue growing our shipping industry at the Quonset Development Corporation.”
  • A July 18 post about the $200 million expansion of Alexion Pharmaceuticals’ Smithfield facility.
  • A July 11 post describing how the senator “helped break ground on the extension of TF Green Airport’s main runway.” This will “allow for longer flights – an important step forward for attracting businesses to Rhode Island and growing our economy.”
  • A June 30 post announcing massive wind turbine blades arriving from Denmark to help Rhode Island “lead the way in clean energy as we make progress on our nation’s first offshore wind farm!”
It’s no surprise that Sen. Whitehouse wants to publicize these endeavors. Elected officials build their careers on the strength of just such localized accomplishments.
But we need to be clear about something: Every one of these efforts is made possible by the plentiful use of fossil fuels. That massive ship traveling through the Panama Canal will burn diesel. The expanded pharmaceutical factory and the new airport runway will require gasoline-powered tractors, plows, and construction equipment.
And most important, each of these projects will require plenty of steel—no matter if it’s an oceangoing vessel, a forklift, a jet plane, or a wind-turbine. Steel can’t be constructedwithout coal to fire the the high-temperature ovens that produce molten metal. And it’s the chemical addition of metallurgical coal that gives steel its tensile strength.
So here’s the problem for Sen. Whitehouse: To wholeheartedly champion these projects, he must overlook the obvious fossil fuel connections. Otherwise, he’s contradicting his own longstanding, “anti-carbon” rhetoric.
This brings us back to the overall flaw in the senator’s call for more “renewable” energy. Wind and solar provide low-yield, intermittent forms of electric power. They’re unreliable because the wind doesn’t always blow and the sun doesn’t always shine. And they also can’t ramp up to the heavy needs of industry. Put simply, you can’t build a wind turbine with the electricity generated by a wind turbine. You need something that can do the heavy lifting. And that means coal, natural gas, oil, or nuclear power.
Senator Whitehouse can’t have it both ways—a nation running on renewables that can still manufacture goods and heavy equipment. It would help if Whitehouse studied the hard lessons learned by Europe after its impulsive leap into the deep end of green energy. The cost of household electricity in Germany, for example, has now climbed to almost three times the U.S. price. And this reckless foray into unpredictable, renewable energy is now perceived as a contributing factor in the Brexit “leave” vote.
If Senator Whitehouse wants to keep calling for an end to coal and fossil fuels, and for an expensive transition to wind and solar, then he shouldn’t simultaneously endorse the industrial successes of his home state.
Essentially, the senator is working to abolish an entire industry while celebrating its accomplishments. Doing so smacks of pure and simple pandering. And it puts the senator in the same ethical position that he alleges in his weekly speeches about fossil fuel “special interests.” Americans deserve better than such hypocritical politics.

Paul Ryan Flees Grieving Moms Trying To Show Him Photos Of Their Children Killed By His Open Borders Agenda

ryan leaving 2 (1)

JANESVILLE, WI– American mothers, whose children were killed by illegal aliens, say that House Speaker Paul Ryan and members of his security detail fled from his guarded estate on Saturday as they attempted to present Ryan with the photos of their murdered children, and show him the true cost of his open borders agenda.
On Saturday, four “angel moms” held a press conference in front of Ryan’s personal border wall. The mothers explained that they deserved to be able to give heir children the same security that Ryan gives his children.
During the press event, the mothers announced their decision to endorse Wisconsin businessman Paul Nehlen in his effort to unseat Ryan in his August 9th primary election. Nehlen is running a campaign that is focused on securing the border and curbing immigration into the United States.
After discussing their families’ tragedies, the mother approached Ryan’s border wall and laid out banners featuring the photos of just some of the thousands of Americans who have been victimized as a result of the nation’s porous border.
“I saw Ryan on the back porch as the banners were being picked up and folded up,” said Tania Vojvodic, a volunteer with the campaign. “As I was walking with the mothers to the front, he entered into the back door of the house and slammed it. A few minutes later I saw him get into an SUV that departed with another behind it.”
“As the mothers and I started to walk up to Ryan’s house with the photos of their children, we saw Ryan and his security detail– only feet away from us– speed off in two black SUVs,” said Maria Espinoza, founder of the Remembrance Project, a group which represents families that have lost loved ones to illegal alien crime.
“He and his guards raced off just as the mothers were approaching with their childrens’ photos,” Espinoza added, “I can’t imagine how the mothers must have felt to see the House Speaker do that.”
“I wasn’t surprised, but I was hurt,” said angel mom, Laura Wilkerson, whose 18 year old son was tortured to death by an illegal alien.
We were there because we wanted Ryan to realize what’s happened to our kids and our families. I don’t understand it– Ryan didn’t have the time or courage to talk to four moms who had lost their kids? It would have taken him all of three minutes to come outside and say hello and say sorry and listen to our stories or hear the changes we’d like to see put in place to better secure our border. But I guess, at this point, this doesn’t surprise me coming from Ryan. He’s had 18 years to do something about it if he were really worried about immigration, and he has not. This won’t work anymore. It’s time to replace him with someone that will do something for American families.
During the press event, Ryan’s security team seemed to be concerned about the potential threat the grieving mothers posed to the perimeter of Ryan’s estate.
The security team appeared to have called for back up– during the press conference, the four SUVs guarding the front of Ryan’s home were joined by an additional three state police cars, and additional Capitol police officers. The two Capitol police officers approached the mothers on foot during the press conference, ostensibly in order to more closely monitor the threat the angel moms posed to Ryan, his estate, and his family.
The mothers explained that on the critical issue of immigration, Ryan stands opposed to the interests of the American people.
“Paul Ryan is personally responsible for the deaths, maimings, and sexual assaults of thousands of innocent Americans and lawful residents,” the mothers wrote in a letter to Speaker Ryan, which they left in front of his guarded estate.
Paul Ryan has never shown one millionth the passion in defense of our families as he has spent advocating for policies that would result in the deaths of more Americans… Paul Ryan has used his  his positions of power—as a Republican Party leader, as a budget leader, as Speaker of the House, and as an intimate of large corporations with unlimited resources—to ignore and even undermine American interests. If Ryan’s considerable powers had been marshaled, in any serious degree, towards advocating for our families, demanding change for our families, or insisting upon justice for our families, then so many more families just like us would have been saved.
Paul Nehlen says Ryan is the “most open borders… member of Congress in either party.”
“Paul Ryan has ignored our Angel Moms and Dads for far too long,” Nehlen said during Saturday’s press conference. “We are here today to say, ‘Not One More.’ We will not tolerate one more death of an innocent American because Paul Ryan wants to satisfy his donors. We will not let one more family be torn apart by open borders.”
Nehlen has said that while Ryan protects his family and his home with a border fence, he has failed to provide the American people with these same protections. “Paul Ryan shields himself and his family from the open borders policies that he has spent decades imposing upon the American people,” Nehlen has said.
“Paul Ryan’s home… has a fence,” said angel mom, Julie Golvach, during the press conference.
He has security. He has everything to make sure that his three children are safe. I deserve the same thing, I deserved the same thing, and so do all of you… I deserved to have [my son] at the end of my life sitting next to me. And Paul Ryan and other politicians that don’t think a border is worth it, this is the cost and I hope they don’t have the same loss that I have because I hope they will change their minds and start securing the border.
In their letter to Speaker Ryan, the mothers write that Ryan’s radical position on these issues make him “disqualified from serving in Congress or any other position of public office that is supposed to represent the American people.”

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