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Saturday, June 05, 2010

Is the Phantom, Sir Charles Lytton, in charge of the White House???????

I’ve got a question? Sacre Bleu, is this the Pink Panther Administration? Is Barak Obama the Inspector Clouseau of politics? If yes, who is Kato, Joe Biden? Who is Professor Ballz. John McCain.…?

Nothing else explains the flat out nonsense we have been handed to deal with. Nothing normal explains anything from giving Ipods with Barrack speeches to the Queen of England to the butt kissing and bowing to some of the most evil monsters on earth.

We got to thinking (a novel occurrence here) : Is the Obama Presidency nothing more than an imitation of the Pink Panther? Seriously, what else could explain the inexplicable actions of this president and his staff? They are one far out bunch.

Start with the president himself, the real Pink Panther. This guy is as way out as they come.

We don’t know for sure where he was born. Hawaii, Kenya, ??? Who knows for certain? There is no documentation on where he was born, no school records, not even his grades in Hawaii. Certainly no records from his school in Indonesia. College, nothing. Not even an essay written by the anointed one.

The rise of Barack Obama can be compared to the ascendancy of Inspector Clouseau which was the product of the creative genius of Blake Edwards.

Of course the quintessential Inspector Clouseau character was played by one of the great funny men of our time, Peter Sellers.

The great one mumbled and bumbled his way through all sorts of catastrophes in his quest for the Pink Panther.

The perfect metaphor for this administration is the mess in the Gulf of Mexico. Was the problem in the Gulf caused by the Obambis? Heck no, at least not exactly.

Please consider some of the following observations.

--- The president knew from day one British Petroleum was over its head in trying to handle the leak. To make matters worse, he didn’t have a clue on what to do. The early estimates were it would be as late as August before the leak was under control. The administration’s response has been rhetoric, hot rhetoric. For the White House this was a disaster to good to pass up.

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal took immediate steps to protect Louisiana’s coastline but needed federal approval to commence such action. The request fell on deaf (maybe dumb would be more to the point) ears. The White House has been disengaged the entire time. Lots of photo ops for the President but nothing much else.

Turn the problem over to the Louisiana Governor and get out of the way. He cleaned the thieves and poachers from the good old boy network which existed in Louisiana within a year of taking office. With the resources and authority of the Federal government, Jindal would get the job done.

Next, we should rethink the areas we place out of bounds for exploration for oil. A runaway oil well on land can be capped and repaired in short order and the problems contained.

--- The Obamans have insulted most of our dearest allies and kissed and bowed before some of the most despicable people on earth. If he personally wants to brown nose his way through his personal relationships with the white robed dictators of say Saudi Arabia or the emperor of Japan, let him do it on his own time. Ditto for the bomb throwing terrorists in the middle east. Stop catering to the monsters and get back to supporting the only true democracy in the region, Israel.

His non support of Israel and his continued turning a blind eye to Iran’s quest for the ultimate weapons is destabilizing for the entire world, not just the region. It is a certainty many of the middle east nations with the ability to do so have already begun to take steps to join the Atomic Bomb Club, you can take that to the bank.

--- The President of the United States has an awesome responsibility. The weight of the world sits on his shoulders and should never be in the hands of those who shrink when faced with serious problems.

We have placed in jeopardy the welfare millions who relied on Social Security for a serious part of their retirement and medical care. The tinkering with both the retirement plans and health care this administration had done is a mortal sin.

We have a serious problem with illegal entries into the US and many of them become part of the public dole with another large portion of them involved in criminal activities on a grand scale.

The State of Arizona is a perfect example of the folly of Washington trying to politicize a serious problem. Both Democrats and Republicans are guilty of failure to deal with the tidal wave of undesirables entering through our Southern Border. The Democrats are counting votes while Republicans are looking for the cheap labor.

--- The feeling that government positions are for sale are have been confirmed by the revelations of Pennsylvania Congressman Joe Sestak and Colorado Democratic Senate candidate Andrew Romanoff. Hey boys, get out of the race and we’ll take care of you. Has this gone on for some time? I suspect it has and is nothing new. But the blatant efforts made here are startling. The Obamamen treat their new positions as simply more powerful Chicago politics.

Keep in mind there is a former Illinois governor heading for trial and possibly jail for trying to sell the Obama senate. Sadly that didn’t change the Chicago way from becoming the Washington way.

By the way, the Pink Panther? Yup, like the administration, just an delusion.


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