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Friday, September 12, 2008

Hello from Maine.......

We've spent a lovely couple of days here on the coast of Maine. We will post a few lines and a number of photographs taken here tomorrow.

I installed satellite radio in our car so I had the ability to listen to the happenings around the world and while Helen went on a long walk last night I prepared the following comments:

1 --- Joe Biden says Hillary would have been a better choice for veep. I agree.

2 --- Bill Clinton says Barack Obama will win "handily". I bet he hasn't bet on it.

3 --- South Carolina Democrat Chairwoman Carol Fowler said Sarah Palin's main qualification is that she hasn't had an abortion. Her husband, Donald Fowler, Democrat Party national chairman during Bill Clinton's presidency said Hurricane Gustav interrupting the Republican convention showed that God was on the Democrats' side. Now, that 's a pair of Democrats that beats a full house.

4 --- Memo to Al Gore, your global warming hysteria is giving way to concerns by The Old Farmer's Almanac were are entering a period of Global Cooling. I suspect the old inventor of the Internet had an oops moment when he heard that.

5 --- General David Petraeus is about to finish his work in Iraq. More than a year ago,when he told the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, chaired by Sen. Joseph Biden, that the U.S. troop surge in Iraq was working, he was met by a hail of criticism from members of Congress who believed it was failing.

A year later U.S. casualties in Iraq have dropped to the lowest level since the start of the war six years ago. According to an analysis by CNS News, the Iraqi government has made real, if faltering, progress toward political reconciliation between Iraq’s Shiites, Sunnis and Kurds.

Have the same bunch if windbags had the fortitude to fess up and say they were wrong? I'll keep listening and let you know when one of them takes that step.

6 --- I see where Boy Joey Kennedy's good friend Hugo Chavez is allowing Soviet bombers to base in Venezuela. Maybe it's time for us to treat Venezuela the way Russia has treated Georgia.

7 --- The Chinese Communists are at it again. An Associated Press story has stated flatly Federal officials say tainted infant formula from China may be on sale at ethnic groceries in this country.The Food and Drug Administration on Thursday urged U.S. consumers to avoid all infant formula from China, after several brands sold in that country were found to be contaminated with melamine, a chemical used in making plastics.The FDA says all U.S. brands of infant formula are safe.But officials are concerned that some Chinese formula may be on sale at ethnic groceries, particularly in places like New York and San Francisco that have large populations of Chinese immigrants. No Chinese brands are approved for export to the United States.

8 --- Creepy US Senator Chucky Schumer is at it again. He says we are in a recession. The economy needs to reach certain levels of poor performance to declare it in recession and trigger certain government programs. Schumer declares the recession despite the fact that the economy grew by 3.3 percent during the second quarter of fiscal year 2008.

According to New Hampshire Senator Judd Gregg, "The term has a technical definition, which is two quarters of negative growth, and we are certainly not there.”

I wonder if Schumer would apply the same standards to a recession if the president's name was Barack Obama.

9 --- For more than two decades, each year’s Interior Department appropriation has included language banning the sale of new offshore oil-drilling leases, effectively preventing the development of recoverable oil resources on the U.S. Outer Continental Shelf that the department estimates equal 85.9 billion barrels.

This year’s Interior appropriation also bans issuing final regulations for the sale of leases to develop U.S. oil-shale lands, effectively imposing a moratorium on selling those leases. The Energy Department estimates that U.S. oil-shale lands hold about 800 billion barrels of recoverable oil, more than three times the oil in Saudi Arabia’s known reserves. The two bans expire on September 30th, when the appropriation law expires.

Now, the Democrats would really be rolling the dice.

The Republicans should hold their ground on that.

10 --- If I was a Democrat member of congress I would not be as cocky as I might have been a few months ago about how my party was about to be swept back into office and many more Republicans would be swept out thus increasing my party's majorities.

With the emergence of very strong movement of the McCain-Palin ticket and the concurrent meltdown of the Obama-Biden, at some point such a Republican insurgency will cause problems for the Democrats first elected two years ago. The Senate should stay safe for Democrats in this election but the House may be a different story.

The fiasco was created by Speaker Nancy Pelosi over offshore drilling with her refusal to allow a vote on it because a large number of Democrats would join with Republicans and allow vastly expanded drilling and oil shale leases. Toss in her lies about the whether the Catholic Church has ever condoned abortion and her ego is placing her party in electoral danger.

Sometime on Saturday we'll post the photos we took. Have a good day.


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