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Monday, March 03, 2008

1 --- I bought a box of flags, 12’ X 18’ for placement at the graves of friends and family members who fought in battle. We’ve had them a couple of years.

We are in the process of rearranging the den I use as an office since I will spend a lot of time of there from now on. When I opened the box I noticed something I had not noted before. The flags were manufactured in Red China.

Just think, a flag is made in a country where, if the people making the flag decided to fly that same flag could be sent to a reeducation facility (brainwashing place) or physically punished for flying even a small flag like that. How ironic.

2 --- The lead article in this morning’s Boston Herald has an article concerning our new prison boss. He wants “…to reverse what he sees as the failed “busting rocks” philosophy of the past two decades and make inmate rehabilitation and re-entry a cornerstone of his tenure.

The new Department of Correction Commissioner Harold W. Clarke, continued “… the punishment-only approach ushered in during the William F. Weld years - when the former two-term governor famously declared that state prison should be a rock-breaking tour of hell - has made society less safe and failed to provide exiting inmates with the basic skills needed to lead lawful or productive lives.”

For example, he said that In 1999, of the 2,1912 inmates released to the street, 589 (20 percent) were re-incarcerated within the first year of post-release, 352 (12 percent) in their second year of post-release, and 185 (6 percent) in their third year of post-release, for a total of 1,126 (30 percent) recidivists over the three-year period.

Well, some of us think the recidivism rate for violent types is a result of sentences which are both not too certain and too short.

A conversation with corrections officers elicits different opinions about why it exists.

Many in the system may not need encarcertation in the first place. Why should some jerk floating on a majuirana cloud be serving time. Check bouncers, shoplifters and the like should be punbished in other ways.

Take violent offenders and double their sentencing. This is a penal system. The last time I looked penal implies punishment. Public safety requires it.

3 --- Did you hear the Hillary commercial where it the dead of night and the White House phone rings. The call is supposedly a crisis somewhere in the world. The voice over asks who you would want to answer that call. Then a picture of Hillary appears. I guess I’m supposed to be thankfus it is her and not Obama.

My answer to the question is of the three (Hillary. Obama, and McCain), is there anyone who would not prefer mcCain to the other two?

While I have serious differences with him, he’s got my vote. I can’t conceive of the othr two answering the crisis line.

4 --- The way Deval Patrick is pushing casinos, there is no doubt left he lied to us during the campaign when he said he would “look into them”. This was a done DEAL long ago. He is just as disenjenuous as his predesessors.

5 --- According to this morning’s Herald: “Nursing moms would be liberated to unabashedly breast-feed their babes in stores, restaurants, movie theaters and parks by a proposed bill to be chewed over tomorrow on Beacon Hill.

“If state Rep. Paul Frost’s “Act Permitting Breast-Feeding in Public” is adopted, no one could say boo about women baring baby’s buffet.”

Heck, I have no problem with that. Keep in mind politicians have been feeding there all their adult lives.

6 --- The Bible according to St. Barack says gay marriage and abortion are sanctioned activities. He said, “If people find that controversial then I would just refer them to the Sermon on the Mount, which I think is, in my mind, for my faith, more central than an obscure passage in Romans.”

Regarding abortion, here’s his rationale, “I think that the bottom line is that in the end, I think women, in consultation with their pastors, and their doctors, and their family, are in a better position to make these decisions than some bureaucrat in Washington. That's my view. Again, I respect people who may disagree, but I certainly don't think it makes me less Christian. Okay.”

Careful senator, I’ve never heard anyone take that approach. You may be opening a chapter in this debate you did not intend to. You are not going to sway any pro-lifers that way.

Your biggest asset on the issue is John McCain does not excite on the issue because of his stand on stem cell research. Unless McCain chooses a strong pro-life running mate pro-life Democrats may be inclined to give you a pass on the issue. However, I’d be careful you may rub them the wrong way with the remarks you made above.

7 --- Hugo Chavez is moving tanks and troops and mobilized fighter jets to the Venezuela border with Colombia.

Colombia said on Saturday its troops killed Raul Reyes. He was a leader of Marxist FARC rebels. The attack was on a jungle camp in Ecuador. The operation included air strikes and fighting with rebels across the frontier.

"Colombia has not violated any sovereignty, only acted in accordance with the principal of legitimate defense," the government og Columbia said in a statement.

Washington, which backs Colombia's fight against the rebels with its largest military aid outside the Middle East, said it was monitoring developments after Chavez's "odd reaction."

How would the United States react if Venezuela moved its tanks and fighters into Colombia?

If this were 2009 and we had a new administration, which of the candidates would be better able to handle such a crisis so close to home?

8 --- The Iranians are not only making mischief in Iraq, their hand is seen in the dispute between Israel and Palestinians. The Palestinians are firing Iranian made missiles.

9 --- Did Gloria Steinem really belittle the military record of John McCain while praising Hillary? I guess Hillary and Gloria deserve one another. Where was that old bimbo when Slick Willie was using women for his pleasure and humiliating Hillary in the process?

10 --- Is Obama a Muslim? Not as far as Hillary knows. She is as much a creep as the man makes believe he is her husband.

11 --- Robert Novak is out promoting Mitt Romney to be McCain’s Veep candidate.


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jj said...

nd of course, have heard nothing. We miss you. The only one we listen to now is Howie.
You truly are a GOOD man and one of the last great gentlemen.
Carry on!
Janet and WAlter Johnson

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