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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Another WRKO Saturday.....

I thought I had missed the bug which has been making its way through our family the last couple of weeks. Just about everyone has had it.

I've been unable to keep food down or stay out of the bathroom for more than a half hour at a time for 24 hours now.

At the moment I feel better than yesterday but there is no way I could have driven to work and done a four hour show.

I had so wanted to be with you this morning the biggest hurt is not being there.

I will see you next Saturday on Boston't Talkstation, AM680 WRKO.



rich said...

Whew! I was nervous there for a second, with all the rcent changes going on at the station. Saturday mornings wouldn't be the same without you. Get well!

Anonymous said...

I realy enjoyed being able to listen to 4 hours of Howie Carr.

I wish they would make the re-broadcast of his afternoon show a regular fixture rather than your very tired show

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