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Friday, December 30, 2005

Stories of the year......

A border problem for them.

Tomorrow morning on WRKO we will do what most everyone does at the end of the year. The biggest stories of the year.


Because this has been a news year to end all news years.

>>> Our borders out of control.
>>> The aftermath of the Tsunami.
>>> Katrina and the hurricane season as a whole.
>>> The incredible successes in Iraq after we had been fed as an abysmal failure.
>>> The Passing of John Paul II and elevation of Benedict XVI.
>>> Resurgence of the US economy.
>>> Terrorists attack on London.
>>> Ongoing problems in controlling US borders.
>>> Another Patriots Super Bowl.
>>> Your selections please post in comments section below.

My selection for the international story of the year is the Iraq elections while our pourous border with Mexico tops the local news.

George Bush and Vincente Fox have some work to do. The People are restless and won't accept compromise or amnesty as the sollution. Our well being as a nation is at stake.

See you at 5 AM on WRKO. Call me at 617/266-6868 or toll freew at 877/469-4322.


1 comment:

Carl Peirce said...

The Jewish evacuation of Gaza
The Minutemen
The burning of France
The resurrection of Tedy Bruschi
The defeat of the European Union Constitution
The retirement of Dan Rather (So, what was the result of the internal CBS investigation into Memogate?)

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