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Wednesday, July 06, 2005


I receive tons of e-mail. So much so I don't get to answer all of it. Sometimes I can't even read it. I'm not complaining. It simply means many of you are interested in the issues we discuss on WRKO and want to participate one way or another.

Every so often I receive an email which touches me in a profound way. The letter that follows hit me like a bucket full of Gatorade striking coach Bill Belichick on the sidelines after winning another Super Bowl.

There's a feller in New Hampshire who goes by the moniker BBJ NH. Big Bad John of New Hampshire.

Here's what John sent me:

"I am 87 years old already and recall the time when radios were operated by D.C. batteries and the signal was stronger in the evening !

"Now the Station is heard all over the Country and all these Listeners are beingeducated by your Talk Show Hosts ! ! !

"I have been listening a long time and now decided to write to you and see if you can bring up the following subjects to all the listeners to check their intelect on:

"What is the difference between JUSTICE and REVENGE ?

"Should parents be made liable for their children's crimes ? ? ?

"Should we substitute the word "DEMOCRACY" for the word "REPUBLIC" in thepledge of Allegiance ?

"When did we declare War against Iraq ?( When Hawaii was bombed the President went on the Radio and Delared War before the whole world and all Countries had the opportunity to choose sides, there was a Curfew and a Draft and rationing and the countries took sides .)

"Why don't we declare a certain portion of Iraq No Man's land and give the people in that sector a week to get out and turn in the terrorists and drop a Hot Bomb like we did in Hiroshima and Nagasaki ?

"Are we afraid to discuss these kind of Topics ? ? ? ?

"Let's get serious with what we are doing in the Middle East ? ? ? ?

Technology is changing Tremendously:

"Iceland is going to be the First Country in the World to run Autos with water instead of Gasoline ! ! ! !

"United States is going to be the first in the World to hit a Comet with a missle on the Fourth of July that was sent up last January, and we are promised photos of the impact and does anyone realize what an advance this is in our knowledge and capability ? ?

"Thank you for looking at my message and see if other people are aware of what this brings to our near future? ? ?

"(June 13th was my Birthdate ; 87 and yesterday the 28th was our weddingdate and we have reached 64 years of striving together on this Interesting Planet and we met people like John Glenn who " claimed" that he was on the Moon ! )"

Some wonderful questions, John. Maybe we will bring them up on some lonesome Saturday morning.

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