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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

OJ Simpson and Lizzy Borden

Johnnie L. Cochran departed this world after suffering from a brain tumor. He was afflicted for quite some time and had been diagnosed as having an incurable tumor of the brain. He knew well in advnce of his death the end was approaching.

I hope he made his peace with his God and is now at his final reward.

However, I wonder if people like Mr. Cochran feel pangs of guilt for going above and beyond in defending the likes of OJ Simpson? It is reported he once told a producer that Simpson "had lost it" and was in a state of denial about the murder of his wife and Ron Goldman.

Bob Shapiro, one of the dream team lawyers says Johnnie dealt the race card from the bottom of the deck in the Simpson trial. Did Cochran ever regret doing that?

We'll never know.

Funny thing, the lawyer who saved the life of Liz Borden here in Massachusetts in the 1890s did similar things in reverse. He kept reminding the jury of her status. After the trial he locked away his files, records and notes so we would never really know whether she was really guilty of slaughtering her Mom and Dad in much the same way OJ did in his victims.

Killers and lawyers never change. Their treatment of the truth crosses social and racial lines. Do whatever you can to spring your guilty client.

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