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Friday, March 25, 2005


Finally made it to Saturday. Check below, the last week's issues posted here, for what we will discuss in the morning 5 to 8 on Boston's Talkstation 680 WRKO.
Call us and take part at 617/266-68-68 or 877/469-4322.
See you then........Moe Lauzier


Dave O'Connor said...

Did I hear there was another effort being made to issue drivers' licenses to illegals?

Deciding these cases I used to ask why I would want to grant a privilege to someone whose exception to the law had already been established upon proof that they were willing to violate it.

On the other hand, the more important issue was why this person was still here appealing in the first place.

Imagine how many times an attorney would raise the question of my discriminating against some illegal on the 'national origin' phrase.

Dave O'Connor
(Former Member, Board of Appeal)

Dave O'Connor said...

Allow me to add that appeasing illegal immigrants with drivers' licenses only leads to further problems that will develop with insurance, and any other claim for for licit and legal standing.
Why not give them 38's and AK47's when they reach our soil.
We have been learning since the first US Court was called to order that it takes little to establish a precedent which takes on the force of law.
And it all begins with people-pleasers cavorting to the tunes of knaves while the rest of the community has to pay for it.
I don't consider setting a standard for everyone to abide a draconian measure.

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